Our Jamaican Honeymoon

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I've been MIA a while from the blogging world
Wedding planning takes its toll on your time
As does having the actual wedding then going out of the country for your honeymoon
I'd like to save my wedding pictures for when the professional pictures come in
So for now you'll just get our Jamaican honeymoon recap!

We were super lazy Sunday night
So our alarm went off at 5:30 to start packing
Even though our flight wasn't until 9:20.
One brief layover in Charlotte
and we were Jamaica bound.

We chose Sandal's Whitehouse as our resort for two big reasons:
1) It was NOT a party scene
2) It was secluded and there were no peddlers

The secluded part meant a 1.5 hour bus ride on a tiny goat infested cliff side road
But we survived and made it to the hotel just in time
(for a little beach time and also dinner)

our first view of the ocean

We both had Lobster and shrimp at a restaurant called Bluefields
It was literally RIGHT on the ocean (see below)

Then we took a stroll around  resort:

I got to drink out of a coconut for the first time!

We also got a cool view of the main pool at night!

We collapsed into bed at around 8PM that night- Jamaican time (9PM EST)


Tuesday was the day I met "Mr. Peacock" (seen below)
He became a staple in our everyday activities as you will see.
There were also a few other peacocks that all roamed free on the property

We spent the morning at our favorite pool- with its own swim up bar

Us at the swim up bar- photo by the Sandal's photographers

Robert even made some new friends
AND was the best volleyball player in the pool ;)

Tuesday night we went to Jasmine's.
It was amazing! I definitely recommend it!


Wednesday, we took the opportunity to do one excursion: zip lining.

The facility was on an old sugar cane plantation turned orange grove and adventure spot
Pretty neat.
That night while we were getting ready Mr. Peacock came to visit us...

Who you lookin' at?

We went to the Italian restaurant this night. Not good.
The only place on the whole resort I DO NOT recommend. 
Then on the way back our friend was waiting outside our building (for me of course):

There was a "White Party' that night where they served chocolate everything
and you wear white- not a racist party, no worries.
Robert and I went out to enjoy some drinks
They were so strong they weren't even tasty...
We went back to the room to watch HGTV. 
Why? What do you watch on your honeymoon?


Well you know I saw my friend again.
 I enjoyed his daily visits at breakfast.

We spent Thursday doing nothing
But lounging by the pool
Getting sun
Enjoying each other's company.

We went to Bayside for dinner.
AMAZING french food.
Best French onion soup ever.
Delicious blue cheese pork chops
Delightful creme brulee.


On our last full day I dressed in my favorite Lilly
And we ate at my favorite restaurant for breakfast
With Eggs Benedict and Mimosas as far as the eye can see...

We took the closed pool as an opportunity to walk the beautiful beach

We actually had to sign a waiver stating that we understood 
"Sandal's cannot guarantee your safety past the property line"
And then we passed the property line to walk this untouched land

Robert also turned into a photographer with the iPhone...

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool
Then on the way to the spa we spotted oversized chess
we never got to play :(

We got a couples massage at the Red Lane Spa
And with relaxed bodies we returned to the pool
this is probably why I'm peeling now...

We stopped by Cafe de Paris for the infamous macaroons I kept hearing about
which they didn't have "yet"
But the lady behind the counter promised me she'd save me some
yeah right...

For dinner at our last night we chose Eleanor's 
(against Robert's wishes)
And we both LOVED our food
Especially the fried brie appetizer
and the plate of more brie they brought us when I jokingly said 
"not unless you could bring us a plate of that cheese"
when asked by the waitress what more she could do.
She didn't think I was joking
Bless her- the cheese was amazing.
So was the filet mignon.

We also had a photo shoot sprung upon us by the Sandal's photographer
"We will just do it but we aren't interested in the photos"
We bought almost all of them.
This one is my favorite though:

You can see Robert's band... too cute.

After escaping the photographer,
We went back to cafe de Paris for macaroons-
They had just come out of the oven
And the lady behind the counter had a bag full already ready
It was the sweetest thing I saw all week
Besides my husband staring at his new wedding band looking like a child on Christmas
We ate half of our amazing macaroons and reluctantly went to bed...


This was a sad morning
An extra Mimosa was ordered at breakfast
The only reprieve was seeing Mr. Peacock again on the way back
Right after I said "maybe my new friend forgot about me"
He appears.
Literally walking towards me.
I fed him some muffin in one last gesture of friendship
And we returned to the room to pack.

We stole one last view of the Caribbean sea 
Dipped our toes in one (or two) more times
Then boarded a plane for CLT.

We got to our apartment in Raleigh around 1AM and passed out.
Waking up to the wreckage of our apartment brought back the reality that we were no longer in Jamaica.

I have missed it everyday.
So obviously I would recommend Sandal's Whitehouse
(to anyone who is brave enough for the bus ride)

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