"This is our Life"

Friday, July 26, 2013

There comes a time in your life
When you have to just decide you don't really care.
Not about life or about other people
But that you don't care about things not being perfect.

Without revealing too much of the wedding details
I will explain myself.

Robert hurt himself on his bachelor party. 
As discussed in more detail here

Lanterns never got put out for the wedding
Cats never got put away
Oh and the weather went from 0% chance of rain to 75% 
In the period of a 2 minute window that I didn't check
In some sort of stealth move by the weather channel
Actually like 20 minutes before it was supposed to start.
Wedding was outside.

Then Robert's step-dad
(who for all intensive purposes, raised him like a dad too)
Shows up to our wedding in a t-shirt.
Now we've told him numerous times this was the only thing he COULDN'T wear.
HA! He showed us.
Then right in the middle of our first dance
He comes driving by on a tractor in said T-shirt...
Then it hit me... And I told Robert:
"This is our life"
And we smiled
And none of it mattered. We were married.

Then there was an incident where a drunken Robbie
(have I mentioned he's Robbie when he does dumb things?)
Proceeds to try to pee in front of our guests at the end of the sparkler send off...
Not before I tried to get him to dip me at the end and he thought I meant to dip him
Not cool.

We go on our honeymoon and life was grand!
THEN we returned...

Robert gets sick
All snotty and feverish and whiny
We refer to it as "Man Flu"
Because you'd think he was dying from a sore throat.
And that has been our marriage in the states thus far.
But we really like our new motto:
This is our life.
And I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

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