OHP: Pinned It, Did It Edition!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's that time of the week again
"Hump Day" for some...
"Oh, How Pinteresting" days for others
Link up with The Vintage Apple if you want to join!

I don't have any pictures of the food, yet...
But it was super yummy!
And I do have pictures of everything else I made or got.

The Monogrammed Pillow:

It sat on our bench during our wedding
It now lives on our bed!

The Arch:

I wanted an arch so bad!
Wasn't sure it was going to happen
(after it got shoved to the bottom of the list over and over)
But my mom came to the rescue
and her and a family friend made it to look like the one I pinned!

The Window:

We were able to buy some "posters" of our pictures online for ~$5
The old frames came out of Robert's grandmothers kitchen
There were about 10 more but we don't have pictures of the rest.

The Jewelry Tray:

For the gifts for the mothers of the flower girls
I did a little twist on my original pin
I made the trays with pony beads of various colors
And melted them on a cookie sheet with an edge
Then laid the flat sheet of melted and hardened again pony beads on a 9x13 casserole dish
And viola! It ends up like this!
Then I bought a monogram on etsy.
Fancy, huh?

The Bouquet:

I've already talked about this bad boy
But I made it.
Wired every single brooch
until my fingers bleed, literally.
It was a pain but I love the sentimental touch
And that I didn't pay anywhere near $600 for a comparable one on etsy.

The Programs:

I saw these on Pinterest which led me to Etsy and fell in love.
But they were ~$5 a program
My guest list was at 345 come wedding day
Aint nobody got money for that.
So we made them
All 250.
The mothers may or may not have accidentally gotten high off glue as a result
I may or may not have ruined a pair of flip flops with burlap dust/glue
But it was worth it to have so many people tell me they appreciated the fans.

The Fingerprint Tree:

I loved this idea.
We got a family friend to paint the tree from our venue.
Only down-side:
We forgot to put our own prints in the swing first
And some turds put theirs there instead.
I'm pretending they didn't know any better...

Well I didn't intend for that to be a wedding edition either but such is life
When a wedding was your life for 13 months.
But in the process of looking for stuff I did I found some stuff I wanted to do!
Yay... stay tuned.

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