Our Wedding: The Wedding Parties

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Three weeks!
Thats how long I've been married.
The post for everything would be a million pages long
So I figured I would document my wedding in stages.

Today is the wedding parties edition.

I started the morning of July 13, 2013 with Chic-fil-a,
Getting judged for buying beer at 8AM
And visiting with my kittens!

My MOH and I did a few things at the wedding venue
And then we headed back to the hotel to get ready!

The Dress.

The bouquet! 
A few of these brooches are from the various grandmothers and mothers own collection. 
How's that for something old, new(we ordered some new as filler), and blue?

Something new to the left: my new monogram.
Something old and borrowed to the right: my great grandmother's necklace.

My great grandmother was engaged to a man who was not my great-grandfather.
He gave her this necklace and a bracelet right before he died unexpectedly.
These pieces were all she had left of the man she loved
So even though she eventually married my great-grandfather,
This necklace is very special to my family for both its age (1890s) and sentimental value. 

Something blue!
The garters that inspired me to "incorporate" peacock elements into my wedding.
Peacock became the main theme...

Of course there were monograms and mimosas!

I had an amazing relaxing day with some lovely ladies!

Their gifts were robes in their favorite colors

And monogramed champagne glasses for our mimosas!

 Super blessed! :)

It was a joint effort between Mom and I for my makeup,
I told her to fix her dress to which she responded 
"There won't be any pictures of this".
There were a million because she was doing my makeup. 

I kind of love this picture of Jennifer (MOH) putting on the garters.
I didn't know it was a tradition but its super cute.

Then naturally we reenacted Bridesmaids for the photos.

Then had some normal photos too
(in my favorite alley way in downtown New Bern)

Then unfortunately when we went back to the room 
we had to walk through another couples wedding reception.
I guess things like that might happen if you have your reception in a hotel lobby.
Uhh awkward.
Sorry I wore my wedding dress to another wedding?


Part of Robert's groomsman gift was American flag socks.
Completely normal.

They had a photo shoot in the front yard at the house.

My brother forgot his socks at the house.
So he sticks out a little for this shot.

Speaking of shots...
There were so many REAL shots taken this day
But for this photo they took shots of water.
Never really figured out why.

I made it back to the main house just in time for the bottom to fall out of the sky

...To Be Continued ;)

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