Our Wedding: The Reception

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tomorrow marks one month that I've been married!
So to continue on the last post about the wedding (for now)
Is the reception.
Everyone's favorite part because they get free food and cake...

First things first...
The introductions!

All of them were pretty cute 
But I particularly like this one
Because Evan (my brother) is clearly being overwhelmed by my bridesmaids

Our MOH and Best man decided to booty bump.
Something we didn't see or know about until our pictures came in
Too cute.

Then naturally they introduced us and led straight into the first dance
"Make You Feel My Love" by Adele

This is pretty much the gist of it.
Robert refused to do anything but sway around
Until the end of course when I got dipped!
Not even the photographers did.
They were moving on from the boring first dance!
I blame Robert of course
Poor guy.

Next was time for dinner! YAY!

We made pretty much everything
Except the slaw and sweet tea
and rolls- we bought those, duh.

Funny story: they called the bridal party to the covered area with the food.
It was separate from the tent.
As soon as the bridal party was all safely under the shelter
The bottom fell out of the sky again.
Soaked the flower girls who had walked towards the pond.
Perfect timing for most if you ask me.
Probably not if you ask the flower girls!

Our MOH and Best man signed our marriage license and made it official
Other funny story: the preacher told them FULL addresses were not necessary
They were.
When I went to get a copy of the marriage license it had been flagged.
I had to google and text everyone to get all of them.
He also got the date wrong on Robert's mom and step-dad's marriage license
when he married them
Sweet man, but God bless.

We snuck away for a few more shots...

This is my favorite of that set of shots.
Probably because you can't tell Robert is pouting
He's the one who chose to walk around instead of eat, not me.

Then the DJ did some interactive portion of the night:

That's Robert's dad, can you tell?

The bridesmaids' table was the most fun
According to them and the DJ of course.

Then time for dancing...

I THINK I'm dancing with my new husband.
He, however, is making eyes at the best man/ his real soul mate -_-

Then it was time for more "special" dances

Father-Daughter dance to a song my dad wrote me when I was 3.
Aint nobody got time for a song some one else has danced to.

Mother-Son dance to "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden
Maybe I got that wrong... 
There was a lot of confusion surrounding the song choice.

Then the dance competition
Where 5 unlucky people (hand picked by Robert and I)
Were forced to dance to songs they may or may not know.
Patrick (middle) as always was super entertaining and just ran with it.
We also owe a LOT of our wedding getting finished the day of to him!
(He married the Best Man's sister last April)

We knew some one would end up dancing on that pole.
Had a pretty good idea it would be Caitlyn.
Love that girl.

View of the shelter converted into the food and activity space!


Then the cake cutting:

What you don't know is I accidently cut the cake
When the photographer Amanda was trying to explain how to.
I thought she meant NOW.
Look back at the picture...
Fresh cut mark and cake on the knife.

Re-cutting of the cake.

"Please be nice"/ "You're gonna get it"

I actually smashed harder than he did.
Double oops?

It's okay he wasn't too mad!

We had a "who has been married the longest dance"
My Aunt Kay and Uncle Lynn (pictured above) won!

The bridesmaids + Kelby did the Wobble for me!

And the boys snuck off to do shots.

We played this shoe game 
Where you raise the shoe if it applies to the owner of the shoe
(we each had a shoe of our own and one of the others).
This is probably "who farted first"
But my favorite is when he asked us "who says I love you the most"
We both raised both shoes.
Sometimes we can be cute.

Collecting and throwing of the garter + tossing of the bouquet.
Please note Caitlyn, squaring off ready to pounce.

Cameron caught the garter and Caitlyn the bouquet!
Cameron was really into this part!

Then we blindfolded Cameron and told him to try again
With our good friend Adam in the chair!

I think Cameron was more relieved once he realized the hairy leg he felt up was a friend.

All of us!

Then all too soon it was time for the last dance

And the sparkler send off!

This is the least intoxicated looking picture we have of Robert for the sparkler part.
The shots he snuck off and took really caught up to him.

Case in point.

Then he tried to pee in front of our guests.
We have him on video trying NOT to get into the car
Stumbling to the side of the car (people are still standing around)
and trying to pee.
Jennifer and I quickly convinced him to wait
We pulled over at his house and he peed in his mom's yard.
That's my husband, y'all.

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