Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Monday, August 05, 2013

Where was I?
Oh yeah...
I left the hotel we were getting ready at
At the bottom fell out of the sky.

And it rained and rained and rained
And not pretty romantic rain either
Noah and the ark rain.
But then about 10 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start- it stopped.

This meant some of our sweet friends and family had to help put quilts on the hay reallly quickly before the people could take their seats!

Glad they didn't move too fast so I could get this shot!

"As two families become one, please pick a seat not a side"

Our hand crafted programs.
I sure hope people enjoyed them because they took FOREVER to make!

The masses began taking their seats!

Not before stopping to visit the horses!
This is Rebekah, Hannah, and Trapper!

I rode in on a carriage!
So very thankful it stopped raining!

My sweet flower girls Alyssa and Emma!
"here comes the bride..."

I had both parents walk me down the aisle.
I think it kind of bothered my dad
But my mom was just so honored.
And I loved having them both there.

I got my arch!!
An instance where something I wanted was moved to the bottom of the "to-do" list.
Mom came through and had a friend make it for me!

The whole picture was pretty awesome!

The bridal party looked cute up there too!

We said our vows

Robbie's sister Katie read a scripture that was NOT 1 Corinthians

And we rode away on our carriage for a moment (almost) alone
With the exception of his uncle Worth.

We had to come back of course...

We took family photos!
That's our entire intermediate family + grandparents (- step children, sorry!).

Then Blake (a groomsmen) requested to "hold me like a fish"
Meaning he wanted the groomsmen to hold me.
Well then the bridesmaids wanted to hold me
Poor Blake.
He got to hold Robbie like a fish though!

Then we took some of our couples shots:

This picture is particularly funny...
Wendy and I discussed quilts we could use and we picked this one as a last resort
why? Its a snow scene.
Not very summer wedding-y.
But we figured in the "grand scheme of things" it would never show up.
Ha ha hahahah.
It's in two photos like this.

Finally Jennifer figured out how to bustle the dress
And we were off to the reception!

Until next time...

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