Packing for Disney: Spring Edition

Friday, March 11, 2016

I tend to go to Disney the most in the months of February, March, October and December.
Between weather and really awesome events it just makes for the best overall experience.
So, once again I am packing my bags heading to the "Happiest Place on Earth" TODAY!
My trip a little over a month ago consisted of many layers, long pants, and I even had to buy a scarf with attached gloves. (You can read about that here)
The forecast for the weekend is upper 60s to lower 80s and afternoon storms!
Packing for spring can be a little like packing for winter in that you never know what the weather will be and even the forecast changes daily, but hopefully I won't need gloves this time!

I got these suitcases for Christmas/ my birthday and I find them perfect for these Disney Trips.
I used to just use an oversized bag to carry on the plane but the smaller luggage pictured here is perfect for carry-on size because it easily fits in the overhead compartment and I don't have to lug it around, it has wheels!
Both bags have a side with bands to hold clothes down and a side that has a mesh divider that zips up for smaller stuff that may move around!
Here is a peak at what's going in these suitcases this trip:
Comfortable shoes:

The weather will be warmer for this trip so I could wear flip flops...
But since it hasn't been warm enough here in NC and I haven't been wearing them
I think it would probably irritate my foot getting used to something in between my toes again.
Disney is not the place to re-break in shoes, I walk on average 10 miles a day!
I did pack a pair of flip flops that are WELL broken in just in case.

I normally make it work with a pair or two of tennis shoes but it's supposed to rain one of the days so I brought the Nike's for that day since I don't mind as much if they get wet!
I have to protect the Cinderella shoes!

Appropriate Clothing:
I have a plethora of Disney themed shirts
Some of my favorite places to shop are Pretty Little Monograms, Happily Ever Tees, and Café Forty-Seven
And it's no secret I love Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts to pair them with!
I try to change up my outfits every time so its not the same things over and over again (Keep Calm and Let it Go hasn't been worn since last March).
The "Best Day Ever" shirt is a baseball tee and its going to be a risk wearing something longer sleeved when it could be in the 80s but I just got it and I HAVE to wear it ASAP!

With the weather the way it is supposed to be I suggest shorts, or capris length thinner material bottoms.
I'd also suggest short sleeves or tank tops.
If its going to be very chilly in the morning, I'd throw on a light jacket that I could put in my bag during the day.

I also pack an extra outfit or two just in case of weather change or a mickey ice cream accident, pajamas and a sweatshirt for the room, and something to wear home on the plane!

This time I also packed my Disney Poncho in preparation for the rain!

Other Necessities:

I always carry the essentials: toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, bobby pins, hair ties, my hair brush, ear plugs, my sewing kit (mini)...
But I also make sure I bring this wonderful "friction block".
If you're not used to walking a lot this can be a life saver!
I also bring regular Band-Aids and blister Band-Aids too just in case.

The water in FL can be ehhh so I also always bring moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and leave in conditioner to make sure that I'm covered and my hair doesn't get weird textured.

Sometimes if I have room I even bring a pillow.
I just sleep better with my own stuff around me.
This time I'm bringing my giraffe pillow pet!

Carry On Items:
Maybe I'm paranoid but I try to pack everything I may need in my carry on which usually consists of:
1) One outfit, including shoes, for day one!
2) My nicer jewelry. For Disney I usually just bring whatever I can wear for a hassle free time. This is usually my engagement and wedding band, fitbit, stud earrings, a necklace and maybe my Alex & Ani Disney bracelet (because why not).
3) All my makeup. I get my makeup from so many different places it would be hard to replace without wasting a whole day away from the parks getting it.
4) Medicines, contact solution, spare contacts, contact case, glasses, sunglasses, chap stick, gum, hand sanitizer, chargers, headphones, and my iPad all go in my purse which I also carry on but keep with me under the seat in front of me.
5) My Magic Bands! Not like I couldn't get my tickets on other bands but I would have to buy my Elsa and Belle magic bands again to get those if they were lost! Plus its one less stop at a ticket counter to deal with if I just have them with me.
Does anyone else's cat jump in their suitcase the minute its open?
I think he thinks it's his personal bed...
Anything that would require me to lose time in the parks to replace or deal with if it was lost goes into my carry on. I can always buy more outfits in the parks if my clothes go missing (even underwear).
It's going to be the International Flower and Garden show
So I can't wait to show you more on that!
Xo, Kasi

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