Favorite Restaurants in North Carolina (Lately)

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Last year we celebrated a mostly Vegan Cinco De Mayo as a farewell to two of our dear friends who were moving to Denver, CO
You can read more about that (and the cleaning/ redoing of our deck decor) here.
This year, we are skipping the Mexican celebrations and going to one of our favorite restaurants (Relish)!

This change in plans got me thinking about writing a post about my latest food loves.
It's been a busy month of April
My work and Robert's work has gotten busier
We've traveled for engagement parties, bachelor parties, and just because
But we have made some time to stop at some new, and old favorite, places to eat.
So today's post is dedicated to what I'm loving lately:

Carolina Bagel Company & Deli
New Bern, NC

This is an "Ocracoke" on a croissant and its my go to.
 It's Ham, three melted cheeses, tomato, onion, mayo and honey mustard dressing.
I get mine without onion or tomato, obv.
It's a small place and get's pretty packed.
Go early for fast seating or be prepared to wait (it's worth it).
You can read more about their amazing shop here.
Dame's Chicken & Waffles
Durham, NC

 I had heard so much about this place, I'm not sure why it took me so long to go.
While my husband played it safe with a "What a Classy Hen"
I branched out a little and got the "Orange Speckled Chabo".
Like Carolina Bagel, this place is small so be prepared to wait!
Read more about their amazing offerings here.

Durham, NC
I've been spending a lot of time in Durham lately.
I mean... I do work there.
But I'm finally branching out to new places.
I went to Lucia for a co-workers work anniversary celebration and it does not disappoint.
I didn't try a single thing I wouldn't eat again but the Tiramisu is to die for.
Read more about this gem here.
Rise Biscuits and Donuts
Cary, Raleigh, and Durham NC

Do yourself a favor and try the maple bacon bar, or the salted caramel donut, or the cronut, or the key lime pie donut, or the s'mores donut or ALL THE DONUTS.
They are actually the most amazing donuts ever.
And the biscuits are a perfect (post late night out) breakfast.
If you don't want your mouth to be watering, don't click here to read more.

Relish Café & Bar
Raleigh, NC

I am so shocked I don't have a single picture of any food from this place.
And regardless of food... I don't even have a picture of my favorite Raspberry Lemon Drop martini but probably because I am so focused on the food I forget.
Who has time for insta with that spread in front of you?
This is the restaurant we take out-of-towners when they visit us.
They have mac and cheese skillets, fried pimento cheese fritters dipped in hot pepper jelly, amazing shrimp and grits, and a martini selection to have you calling Uber just to try them all.
Read more about my dinner plans tonight here.

Busy Bee Cafe
Raleigh, NC

The only photo I could find was from snap chat
But this picture captures my two favorite things at the Busy Bee Cafe:
Loaded Tater Tots and a Queen Bee.
The Queen Bee was my signature drink at my wedding, if that tells you anything
And besides my DJ, the recipe for this cocktail was the most asked about!
Find out more about their ever changing menu here.
La Farm Bakery
Cary, NC

La Farm Bakery is another small restaurant that I adore (why are they so small?)
I've waited almost an hour for a table before.
The tables are first come first serve and I've seen some fights almost break out over skipping.
Their lattes are beautiful and delicious!
I usually get the Quiche and Robert usually gets the Croque Madame.
There are rumors we may be going tomorrow morning!

I hope you plan on trying one (or all) of these soon!

Xo, Kasi

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