Finding Yourself 101

Monday, April 29, 2013

I tried to think of something clever to name this
But all that came to mind was "21 Questions" by 50 Cent
And there's only 10 questions
And "I love you like a fat kid loves cake" isn't appropriate either
So take Erin's lead and answer these questions for yourself!

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?
If I could do anything differently I would have studied abroad. Considering there were a few summers I just worked for my dad (and not in the glamorous internship at daddy's company kind of way) I could have spared a summer for some good old fashion learning... in Italy or Spain or Greece or all of the above.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I really hope to be in a good career by then. And a millionaire... but seriously I'd like to own a home and have a good job and live with my cats again. 

3. Do you honestly want kids?
Mostly I do. Some days I worry that I will ruin my kids but other days I can't imagine a future without that kind of family. I definitely don't want them anytime soon (read job and house above) but one day it would be nice to have children with 2 legs (not just 4). 

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far?
It's hard to say there was one best moment. I've had some great moments in my life. There was a concert I went to with a group of friends in high school and we were there dancing and it was raining and the artist sang about rain and it was cool. And I was carefree and happy. Getting to keep my kittens ranks up there too along with getting engaged. 

5. What is your life theme song?
I think my theme song would be "Stop This Train" by John Mayer. I'm a huge fan of John and I sometimes feel like I don't want to grow up. "I'm only good at being young"... but I also understand that stopping the train would not be a better choice.

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?
I want to visit Europe again, specifically Italy. I just want to see things outside of the United States. I love traveling!

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?
I want to be known for being kind to people and not judgmental. I want people to think of me as a good person.

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), what would it be?
I would love to be a lot of things. A Disney Imagineer, An interior designer, a wedding planner, a millionaire's wife/ stay at home kitten mom...

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life?
There was a time in my life when I realized how important my dad's money was to him. When I realized that sometimes it was more important to him than our relationship. And I don't mean "Daddy won't buy me the new convertible Lexus" I mean I went to college and the cost of supporting me went up and our relationship was never the same because he was so resentful (even though its something he freely offered and could EASILY afford without a change in a standard of living). It's only just now getting back to pre-college level... which is not surprising considering I was completely cut off as soon as I graduated in December.

10. Summarize yourself in one word.

That's about all the blogging I can do for the day.
Gotta get back to pretending I care about final exams!

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