Goodbye, 2012!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I love the idea of a year in review
However, when I started thinking about it I was worried nothing would stand out...
Until I started going through pictures.
It's been a busy year with ups and downs
But I'm really looking forward to 2013!


We began the new years with some of our friends. We all had a brunch on January 1st. Other more notable things: since my dad decided he was going to die we also went through his will, bank accounts, etc. and added my name to everything so I could continue to run the household. fun, fun. I also started my last full year of undergraduate classes.


I turned 22! Birthday celebration number one took place in the castle at Disney with my dad. Once again I was able to get in without a reservation. I tell you, it really pays to be a group of two. We chose to take this trip "just in case" it was our last together. The weekend after we got back my dad had his first surgery and they found out the tumor was MASSIVE.

I finally took advantage of my FaceTime function on the iPhone for a little chat with my fur babies. This was Valentines Day... totally normal activity on V-day right? Well this was also Robert and I's 6th Valentines that we celebrated together. The first Valentine's Day he cooked steaks at my house and left the gas take open and drained my dad's gas. ha ha hahaha.

Birthday Celebration #2 happened at my future mother in law's house. Per usual I ate 30000 racks of baby back ribs and a pound of guacamole. 

Birthday Celebration #3 was at the Busy Bee with some of my favorites. They have this drink called the Queen Bee. A-MAZ-ING. If you're ever in the Raleigh area I highly recommend it. 

Birthday celebration #4 (no judging please) was the 10th anniversary of my mom and I going to visit her friend in Durham, shopping, and eating Indian food. Nom Nom Nom.


March signified Robert and I's 5th anniversary. 
For Spring break we took a trip to Disney.


The Semester was winding down. 
We had some Easter celebrations with family. 

That's my cousin and future bridesmaid! Love her.

We also celebrated a few weddings.

At the end of April we picked out an engagement ring!


My last spring semester was OVER!
And on May 19th Robert proposed!
Obviously I said yes!

My dad also started the part of treatments that were every day for a month.


I bought a wedding dress (well my mom did, she's the best).
We set a wedding date!
And I spent most of June taking my dad to his appointments at the cancer center.


July marked Robert's 22nd birthday
and 2 days later, a year until our wedding date!
My dad's treatment frequency went down and he got a clean scan.
My last living grandmother passed away.

Robert and I also moved into our first apartment together!


What I thought was my last semester of school began.
And I learned that living with a boy had its ups and downs
(mostly ups :) )

I met with this lady who introduced me to Chris, THE person to talk to about the graduate school program that I am now in.

My friend from Liverpool came to visit and a bunch of us got together to celebrate!


I took the GRE after a hellacious week of exams.
Didn't blow it out of the water but did okay.

The bridesmaid that lives in Orlando came to visit the Bern.

And we went to a baby shower for a friend!
It's a boy!


October mostly just marked the beginning of my Pumpkin Spice addiction

We celebrated Robert's best friend's birthday

And the birth of Robert's niece Jordan.

Went to the North Carolina State Fair

And took a trip to the Georgia mountains to visit my aunt.

We also celebrated my dad's birthday! A birthday he thought he might not have.


I found out I got into graduate school!
We celebrated Thanksgiving with our Reno family!
And Robert started wearing a pair of jeans that he has worn almost every day since... without washing. It's gotten so bad I've had to threaten to damage the pants.
We also took a billion some engagement photos


And here we are at December.
You can read my recent blog posts for that.

We graduated (finally)!
Moved to a new apartment in a less sketchy area.
Celebrated a billion and 5 Christmases (sp?)

December also marked a year since my dad found out he had cancer.

And this is my last year as a non-married person. CRAZY.

Now time to end the year the way we started it: with a group of our friends, an oyster roast, and hopefully a nice brunch to begin 2013.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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