"3" Months...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well I should have written this post yesterday but...
Weddings happen.

Me and my mom :)

Yesterday was my step sister's wedding.
She was beautiful and the wedding was awesome. 
And my mom thought there wouldn't be dinner
So we went to eat mexican with his best friend and his wife instead.
And ate s'mores in the backyard by a bonfire
Hope nobody has to smell me today... campfire central.

Now I'm about to go get my hair done
Kind of a cool way to mark the 3 months to go...

Anyway this post is going to be short because theres not much to talk about
I finished the design of the runners I'm using and made one.
I got my great grandmothers locket fixed to wear it.
I figured out my signature drink.
We've got some numbers for the tent and food (and reserved).
We figured out where we are getting the tuxes.
My dad potentially picked a song for our dance.
And I'm about to be late for my hair appointment.

Hope the next 3 months fly by
(as long as everything left on my list gets done).

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