Getting Married "Young"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So it hit me Tuesday in class
That I only have 2 weeks of class left
And then half a week of final exams

This includes (but is not limited to surprises from my teachers):
-2 lab reports (harder than it sounds)
-Chemical Engineering Quiz
-Chemical Engineering extra credit paper
-Chemical Engineering Final paper
-Chemical Engineering Final presentation
-Paper & Presentation of chimeric genes used in biomedical field 
-Book report on book I haven't started (due monday)
-Facility Audit final report
-Global Affairs Final
-Advanced Biocatalysis and biomanufacturing final

And because of all I have to do I've been on Pinterest... naturally
And through Pinterest I found this blog post
which talks about what a bride would change about her wedding if she could
And through that I found this article called:
"It Happened to Me: I Married Young and I'm Ashamed of it"

Let me say this article ruffled my feathers a little.
This girl who claims to be a "child bride"
was 22 when she got married- hardly child bride material.
She got married willingly.
She married some one she loved.
And yet she completely bashes the idea of marriage- at any age- but especially young.

"Marriage to me is a hangdog word of household drudgery and sexual captivity or the first chapter of divorce. It is also supposedly sacred to conservatives and all things the right wing holds holy -- school prayer, sexual ignorance, tyranny over ovaries -- I don’t want anything to do with it. That notion of marriage is far too serious, weighing down relationships with a religious and legal burden of “specialness.”"

First off, what does a marriage have to do with tyranny over ovaries?
My fiancé is currently working as hard as he can so I can continue to get my Masters.
And I do have a KitchenAid mixer I love
Does that make me a bad person?
Apparently according to Lauren it does.

Secondly, I am the queen of supporting other peoples ability to choose their beliefs.
You can do whatever you want and believe whatever you want and it doesn't bother me
Until you use your beliefs or my beliefs as a weapon.
You will rarely hear me state my beliefs on religious or political issues
Because I don't think it's anyone's business
and I don't pick my friends based on this.
But this girl is incredibly ignorant to say these things about conservatives.
Last time I checked, democrats get married too. 
And they also think their vows have importance
And theres a good chance they registered too!
(this part makes more sense if you read the article)

Getting married is a choice you make.
It's also something she has the audacity to claim she's ashamed of
When there are still people out there FIGHTING for that right.

Now if homegirl seems to be this against it she might want to rethink her actions.
It seems to me that she had this idea of being a feminist in her head
And her reality didn't match that
And now she's so worried about what everyone else thinks
She can't just be happy she found some one to be with at such a young age.

Did I think I would be married at 23? No.
I thought I would never be married.
Until I found a boy I loved, who loved me unconditionally
And every day I'm grateful for what I have.

Shame on you, Lauren. 
Do what you want with your marriage
Leave everyone else's marriage out of it.


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