Conversations With My Mom... About Bridal Portraits

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My mom...
I could probably right a book about all of her shenanigans
And the things she says.

This particular conversation started yesterday
I went to my research lab and no one was there and the door was locked
I checked my email to see if lab was canceled
And instead there was an email from my photographer 
saying my purchasing site was available...
Meaning I would FINALLY be able to see all of my photos
(I say finally with a grain of salt, it took him less than 2 weeks to edit and post them).

So of course I called my mom.
She is insistent that I HAVE to have a bridal portrait at my wedding
So I thought I'd let her know she could pick one out
She had other plans...

"Kasi I am so busy you need to quit calling me"
"But mom I have something important to tell you about my -"
"I am trying to walk on the treadmill and you already made me miss the part where I was supposed to speed up"
"Okay but I got an email from -"
"Seriously if this isn't important I have to go"
"Okay, fine, bye."

I had decided I wouldn't tell her until she made time out of her "busy schedule"...
She called me this morning to ask me how to attach a file into an email.
After that horrible situation went down I casually mentioned

Me: "Bob sent me the email with the rest of my pictures"
Mom: "Oh did you send me the link?"
Me: "No. I tried to call you about it yesterday but you were too busy to talk to me"
Mom: "Well not everything can be about you"
Me: "This is about you viewing the pictures... because you asked me to see them..."


While viewing the pictures:

Mom: "That one's okay... oh I like that one... your hair looks greasy... I don't like that one, your ear sticks out too much... I wish the hairdresser had done something different with your hair so you couldn't see your ears so much... I like this one its a good one of your face, I like your face... That looks stupid... your boobs are falling... you need to pull up your boobs..."

Half of this was also said during the shoot so I made faces like this:

I'd hate to see what the reject pictures from my shoot look like...

Tune in next time for more motivation mom talk in a new special: 
how NOT to talk to your child if you want them to have any self esteem left...

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