Tuesday, April 09, 2013

So one of the styles that is in right now is Chambray
I think they call it Chambray because jean shirt doesn't sound as fancy
But it's essentially a jean shirt or jean colored shirt
Which brings me to one of my pet peeves...

If its a jean shirt why do people insist on wearing it with jeans?

THIS is not cute.
It looks like the 90s came back
But at least in the 90s the jean matched.

There are actually some pretty big name offenders too:
Reese Witherspoon... why?

And I'm not really sure why its worn this way
When a jean shirt leaves so many options for pants!

Black pants, leggings, colored pants...

White pants:

And my all time favorite Print Pants:

I mean why limit yourself to jean on jean when there are so many other amazing options...


Don't do drugs
and don't wear mix matched jean shirts "chambray"with jeans.

The end

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