Friday Confessional

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well it's that time of the week again lovelies.
The time where we link up with A Blonde Ambition
And confess!

I confess that I put on my workout clothes Wednesday and actually worked out
 and I am STILL SORE
I ran all of a half mile downhill, and maybe a third of the way back.
And I feel like I got hit by a train.
It might be time to hit the gym more consistently.

I confess that even though we are on a budget
I had no choice but to go to target and get a new shirt.
Okay two new shirts.
Okay two new shirts and a pair of yoga pants.
In my defense I tore my last pair of yoga pants looking for Robert's tennis ball in a bush.
No pun intended.
I have no excuse for the shirts... or my inappropriate comments. 

I confess...some of my friends are getting to that age where they are considering the "B word".
Not only am I not ready to have a baby
I am still not to the point I even like them yet.
The only thing appealing about them right now
Is that all of their clothes and shoes are miniature.
Honestly, I'm just not in a place where having a baby would be a good thing.
But kudos to all of you that are!

I confess that my diet has been crap.
I had swiss cake rolls and chocolate milk yesterday
And two dinners tonight complete with a fruit bar for dessert.
And two of my meals today pre dinner(s) consisted mostly of Nutella.
It's absolutely shameful

Hope ya'll enjoyed your confessing!

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