Closet Cleanout

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I started my resolution (for lack of clutter) with a good old fashioned closet clean out!
I wish I had gotten a picture of the before with twice the amount of clothes and shoes
But unfortunately I got motivated before I thought of getting a before shot.

Step 1: Remove all the items from the closet!

This is also a good idea to do anywhere you store your clothes, like a dresser. 
Its important to start with a clean slate.
I also went ahead and swept and dusted (and swept and dusted).
These floors are rarely completely empty so it was much needed.

Step 2: Go through the items you pulled out! 

I'm actually embarrassed to even post this.
How have I ever gotten away with saying "I have nothing to wear"?
Did anyone actually believe me?

I mean check out that pile... it's not a tiny one. 
And that's just one of the many piles on my bed. 
Seriously, so embarrassed. 

I went through each item carefully asking myself these things:

Have I worn it lately?
Do I want to?
Would I be sad if it was gone?
Am I only holding onto it for sentimental value?
Even if I haven't worn it does is serve a purpose? (like a blazer for interviews)
Does it even fit properly?
Will it fit if I lose weight?
Am I willing to alter it to make it fit?
Is it in good condition?

I tried to really focus on how practical it was to keep the item.
It's really important to do this with each item, even if you have a lot.
At the end of doing this in my closet and my dresser I had quite the donate pile:

I also may or may not have thrown away some underwear that I know I wore in 8th grade.
Why did I still have them?

Obviously this was such a necessary purge.
A special thank you (and sorry) to those people who helped me move all this junk 
(I've moved 6 times since I came to Raleigh in 2008)! 

Step 3: Hang the "keep" items backwards in the closet.

You may think you're done and that you're keeping what's left
But you may still be holding onto items you won't use.
The purpose of this is to make sure you're actually wearing what you keep.
Every time you wear an item, put it back on the hanger the normal way
After 6 months you should get rid of whatever hasn't been worn! 

Step 4: Organize everything else

I don't buy purses often so I didn't actually get rid of any.
But I did get rid of so many shoes that I can now display the purses! 
The bin next to them houses clutches and cross body purses since they don't stand up on their own.

I even found space to display my scarves without taking up extra room by hanging them! 
It makes it a lot easier to see what I've got! 

Step 5: Appreciate your hard work! 

It's not easy purging things, especially if you're a hoarder like me!
You may be thinking that this looks more like a before picture but a lot of blood sweat and tears went into this purge (please scroll back to the donate pile picture if you don't believe me)! 

Are you following through with any of your resolutions yet?

Xo, Kasi 

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