7 months...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

7 months from today, the 13th
will be 7-13
my wedding date

(Today is important because of that
and also because I just finished my last exam

So back to weddings...

Again not a lot extra has been done
I worked on some crafts for my bridesmaids gifts
I booked a DJ
and I picked an exact location for my ceremony

Still left to do in the next month:
-reserve tents for ceremony and reception
-figure out arrangement so I can figure out how many centerpieces I need to make
-Send save the dates

And probably a million other things.

Then I found some interesting news
My step-sister is getting married in 4 months (exactly 3 before me)
And my mom was trying to send me the name/style of her mother's "mother of the bride dress" so she could ask me what she should wear... well she accidentally sent me the name/style of my step sisters wedding dress
And wouldn't you know it?
Its probably the closest dress I've ever seen to mine
Without being mine.


It's a little more full at the bottom
And the neckline is slightly different
and the "belt" or in her case jewel belted area is in a different location
But same back
Same fabric
So freaking close it's unreal

And where in the last 6 months
has my mom just forgotten to show her my dress
so this kind of thing doesn't happen?

The only thing that makes me okay with this situation is the fact that I prefer my neckline on my body and that our bodies are so different that even the same dress wouldn't look the same.

Still I was talking to my mom about it on the phone
And when I got off Robert looked at me and said
"Now when I see her dress first I'll know what yours looks like"
So I ruined that.
Sort of.

Oh well!

Happy 7 months to be to me and Robert!

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