End of Ze World... or not.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

So in case you live under a rock and don't know
The end of the world was supposed to have been yesterday

And in case you also live under a second rock
This is an infamous video about the "end of ze world"

Warning: language is a little strong
0:41-0:49 are my favorite parts. "But I am le tired..." genius writing.
No wonder the French hate us.

Back to meteor strikes and doom and despair...
I imagine it went something like this:

Because we all know if some one offered me tequila
Preferably in the form of a margarita
I'm not turning that down for work. 
So we know based on this the Mayans were smart.

Or something like this:

I mean you can't have an infinite circle that goes on forever.
Okay strike that last comment. You can have an infinite circle... 
just not an infinitely big rock to cover all of time on.

Furthermore I'm not sure when the Mayan calendar got linked up with the Christian rapture. I mean why would Jesus end the world before his (not actual but moved in order to convert pagans to the christian religion because it was near winter solstice) birthday.
I definitely wouldn't skip my birthday.
The 26th is starting to look suspicious.


Anyhow all that randomness aside
The Mayan's predicted an end of a cycle. Hence the circle.
And all historically correctness aside (Mayan's didn't account for leap years)
I felt like yesterday marked the beginning of a new cycle. 

Robert and I also officially moved into our big boy and girl apartment.
We officially share a room instead of more or less living in separate rooms and switching off whose room we would sleep in for the night.
And we definitely share a walk in closet
And one bathroom (end of the world?)
So far so good. 

So in a way, even though they didn't know me
And didn't take into account leap years
It's true, a new cycle started for me yesterday
We are one step closer to being real adults
And at the risk of jinxing it Robert it one step closer to getting a big boy job.

And I got this 

Mentioned here when I talk about not being homeless
It was an early Christmas present and I am in love.
So some one would have had hell to pay if the world ended before I got to really enjoy my new rug. HELLLLLLLLLL.

But we all survived the end of the cycle/ end of the world/ sike out rapture
So I'll get to enjoy Christmas, and my rug a little longer

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