Hello, My Name is Kasi and I'm a College Graduate

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I thought maybe
Kasi, Bachelors of Science in Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
Might have had a better ring to it
But is is rather long.

My mom, step-dad, brother, dad, and (the lady who might has well be my second mom) Wanda all took their seats in Dabney, the building I had my first science class, CH 101.

Dr. Knopp (our undergraduate advisor and first BCH class teacher) gave a speech about how awesome we all are for making it this far. AND THEN HE QUOTED MY RESEARCH PAPER!!!

Then all 20 ish of us including the master's and Ph.D students filed across the stage front of the classroom and got our empty diploma covers because they don't have those out until we've been "cleared" in January. 

We made it!

Family met outside for some photos
(promise my family loves me more but most of the photos are on my moms computer and only Lord and Savior sweet baby Jesus knows when she will get around to getting them off...)

You can barely see my bedazzled cap (which they snapped a picture of "for an article"- did I mention I have a curse luck when it comes to journalism. If interviewed (or sometimes even not) I always end up on the news and/ or in the newspaper. Yeah. Oh and my lazy eye. What up?

I still prefer our black robes...

Robert was a little tired of pictures.
And holding up pictures while taking pictures...
Somebody get that boy a drink.

The family (except for my dad) went back to the apartment
Hung out, ate some snacks, and opened presents
(one of which my kitchen aid mixer mwuahahahahah)

Went to the mall with my mom for some last minute Christmas shopping
She got me an iPad
Except it wasn't for me at all
It was for her. Rude!
(JK I got my kitchen aid)
And then we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Brio's
For some lobster bisque and crab&shrimp ravioli.
I found out I'm still allergic/intolerant to shrimp.
Fun times.

Then we headed off to bed.
About to meet them for breakfast in a few.

It's been 4 and a half LONG years since the last time I got a diploma.
And it will be 2 more until I get my next one...
It's like I have a death wish.

And P.S.
I could not write a post and not give a shout out to this lovely lady:

This is my beautiful Grandmother on my dad's side
She was my last living Grandmother until this July
And today would have been her 89th birthday.
She gave me my love for painting, my blue eyes,
& the best home cooked (and home grown) meals EVER.
May she rest in peace! 
I love you.

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  1. Congratulations, Kasi. And a lovely tribute to your Grandmother


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