Friday Confessional

Friday, December 07, 2012

It's another Friday Confessional!
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  • I confess that I look forward to Friday Confessionals but sometimes feel that we might would have more to confess on a Sunday... so maybe Friday is a good thing after all...
  • I confess that it has been the cutest/ sweetest thing ever to see Robert walking around wearing his wedding band. Maybe it's bad luck or something but that fact that he's excited about wearing it is just too precious.
  • I confess I know what my mom is getting me for graduation. And it's the kitchen aid mixer I've been all googly eyed over since I used my future mother in law's. BEST GIFT EVER. Got it in ICE ICE BABY- no just ice. Shown below! : )
  • I confess that because I have no finals until tuesday- I've only made two of my three study guides and haven't studied either. I have no motivation. I would have to ROYALLY screw up to not graduate so and I got into grad school so maybe no one will look at my undergrad GPA?
  • I confess that I have been to target every day this week. One day I went twice. What on Earth was I doing there? I keep forgetting stuff. (and I just love target)
  • I confess that I thought the Victoria's Secret Fashion show was on at 9. So Robert and I fought over watching that or New Girl (he was pro- New Girl). And I was irritated that he didn't want to look at other women... huh?
  • And while we are on the subject... I confess I'm pretty much in love with Adriana Lima. I would marry her and have her children. Look at that girl 2 months after giving birth. Did we just reveal the identity of wonder woman? I think so.

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  1. Wait...Adriana Lima had a baby TWO months ago? Wow...How.... She looks amazing!! Kudos to her. Eleven years later I still have stretch marks and extra weight on me hahahaha.

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