Friday Confessional

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Confessional
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This Friday I confess...

That I'm more excited to move into a new apartment than I am about graduation. As mentioned previously I look terribly in red and our robes are RED. That's right, capital and underline RED. Boo. And its cold outside. And I have to wear heels in the brickyard (flats in the brickyard are dangerous). 

But I confess that the color choice didn't keep me from bedazzling my cap!

And made some themed cupcakes for tomorrows festivities.

I confess that I have face-timed my kittens twice this week. TWICE.
And I might be a crazy cat lady but my dad and brother both helped.

I confess I am the worst daughter on the face of the planet.
I realized that in the 10 years since my parents got divorced
I may have stayed with my mom on Christmas eve once.
So this year I'm choosing to stay with her.
Not that it makes up for anything but it's the least I could do.

I confess that I feel so guilty complaining about all of this when there are families who have lost their children and parents today in the shootings in the Connecticut school.
And then Robert just came in and said
"It's so close to Christmas,
their parents probably already bought them Christmas presents..."
Breaks my heart that people can be this evil.

Prayers go up to everyone effected on this sad day

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