Thankful and no longer homeless

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

As I sit here
eating my homemade pigs in a blanket,
tater tots, and buffalo chicken wings
and gaining roughly 10 pounds minute
I am reminded how lucky I am...

I have an amazing fiance
who doesn't mind eating like a 5 year old with me.

A great family/ support system

Some crazy wonderful friends

and now a place to live in a few months!

We signed today on an apartment with this layout.
Except mine doesn't have a fireplace, boo.
I'm already plotting where I'm going to put everything
The "den/study" is going to be my study room/ our guest room.

I have already decided to register for this pretty rug
You can find it at target
But if you get the last one I might throw a fit.
Theres also a smaller one for the kitchen

AHEM, anyway...

I'm so happy that I have a linen closet in the bathroom
and a vanity with drawers. 
And the option we chose has the largest bedroom!

We still have to work on that whole sharing a closet thing...

But this is the first apartment we will live in together as a 
married couple
So of course I'm pretty excited! 
More updates on the apartment 
and maybe even pictures once we move in!

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