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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey everyone!
That picture above it me, my name is Mo.

My mom has introduced me a few times.

She's on vacation in Georgia right now so I'm going to write a guest post.

Anyway, that photo up there shows me doing one of my favorite activities: 
drinking water out of the sink in grandpa's room.
You see I live with grandpa right now because mom is at school.
She's trying really hard to do good so one day she can get me a home
(and all the wet food that I can eat).

I really enjoy living with grandpa but sometimes grandpa gets mad at me
like the time I pooped on his bed
and he doesn't really like my habit of waking him up at 4AM
but sometimes I just wake up and need some affection.
It's because I miss my mom so much.
Sometimes grandpa understands and lets me stay.
He's the best.

This is me passed out on grandpa's bed.
He doesn't seem to mind that his comforter is covered in my gray hair.
I think he actually kind of likes it.

Sometimes when mom comes home from college
My brother and I trick grandpa into feeding us wet food even after she already has.
Grandpa is so easy to trick.

The only downside to mom coming home from college
is sometimes she comes home with gifts for us.
I don't know why she says they are for us,
those outfits are clearly only for her amusement.

Case in point: look how happy she is.
Look how happy I'm not.
But mom does feed me wet food
so I put up with it.

And as far as my dad goes...
I wasn't very fond of him at first.
For the longest time whenever dad came to visit
I would jump on the bed and sit somewhere
so that I took up enough room that  he couldn't sit on the bed with mom
and I would stare at him until he left.
I guess I thought my mom would leave me for him
but once I realized dad wasn't so bad we became buds.
We nap together a lot.

In fact, while mom was on vacation dad came to the house and fed me wet food.
Mom usually splits one packet into two bowls for me and Optimus Prime
but dad always gives us a packet each.
Grandpa doesn't even do that.

I'm pretty sad because mom won't be coming home for another week
And I hear rumors she bought us a lion halloween costume
(she just got us a hot dog costume... mom has a problem)
but grandpa and uncle Evan will be home so at least I get wet food.

Wet food is my favorite.


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