Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!

And a shout out to my dad - today is his birthday
and he is creeping closer and closer to 60... YIKES!
But in January, when he found out his tumor was 20mm his doctor told him
"Typically people with this size tumor have 8 months...
But don't worry about the numbers"
Well 10 months later and all the scans have been CLEAN.
Thats why we decided to go to DUKE!
Best decision we ever made.

So obviously my dad's birthday is Halloween
And so as kids I don't remember doing much for halloween.
One year I went as a runner

The closest to a legit costume I ever wore was for Spirit Week

I was Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast
I think it was celebrity day - or movie day.

I never really got the whole slutty cowgirl, or slutty cop, or slutty anything.
And on top of usually spending Halloween with my dad when I got older
I just never dressed up.

But when I discovered pet costumes Halloween changed.

Here are some pictures of my kittens dressed up
and being the happiest kittens EVER

These are BOTH kittens as a hot dog.
I just loved the hot dog so much more than I thought I would
So they had to share : )

Prime looks so dashing in his tux.
Not shown is the super cute little wrist cuffs that came with the outfit.
When I put it on Mo he ran off with them and we can't find them...

Pumpkin Prime!
The shirts are technically for dogs but FINALLY I was able to find hats FOR CATS.

Franken Mo is the happiest he has ever been.
I just want to pinch his kitten cheeks
But he might eat my hand off as payback

Devil Prime!
Unfortunately the kittens have grown out of this one

Pumpkin Mo
Sadly he is this size without the pumpkin now
Might just spray paint him orange this year.

Jester Prime
As joyful as this makes him
It is too easy for the kittens to get this one off so I don't use it that much.

To anyone else that is as cat-crazy or as obsessed with dressing their animals as I am,
Target has some awesome pet costume sales the day after Halloween.
I may or may not be creeping in that section tomorrow after my tests.

Happy Halloween


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