Loving T. Swift is RED

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love Taylor Swift
And that love only gets greater and greater with every CD
And the newest CD came out MONDAY.

Of course I went to Target that day to buy it
And I have been exclusively listening to it ever since.
Why not get it on iTunes you ask?
I made the mistake last year of doing that
And I missed out on the deluxe edition with extra songs
Some of which are my favorite songs on that album

Not this time iTunes!
So here is the deluxe edition cover:

I have to admit I listened to a few of the songs and just thought... meh
I love you Taylor but 22 is awkward.
And I am 22 so I should be able to relate to it
but "everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we're 22"?
It pains me to say that this is kind of lame.
So is "Girl At Home".
It's a great point to make
No one wants to be the "other woman"
But the way she sang it is awkward.
I'm sorry Taylor, forgive me.

Basically I fell in love (or at least like) with the songs in bold.
So you can ignore everything else if you want to...

Obviously "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together",
"Red", and "Begin Again" are in my list of favorites
but that usually goes without saying when they release singles.
"I Knew You Were Trouble" was love at first listen.
I love how the chorus is almost dub-stepped
Not quite, but almost
And we've all had people in our past that we knew were trouble
and we should have known better
"I knew you were trouble when you walked in so shame on me"
She's so relatable.
God I love her.

"Starlight" kind of makes me think its trying to be "Enchanted" or "Sparks Fly"
But its okay, they're two of my favorite T. Swift songs of all time.

"The Last Time" is beautiful and kind of heart breaking.
I love the voice of Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol)
It's such a pretty song.
Probably a great "I need to cry" song after a break up.

"Stay Stay Stay"
"Everything Has Changed"
"The Moment I Knew"
"I Almost Do"
"State Of Grace" (The Acoustic version)
all amazing songs that I get closer to being in love with, with every listen

Of course the rest I am kind of indifferent about, for now
But usually I end up loving those too
By the time I've played the CD 1 bazillion times

Overall I definitely recommend RED.
The verdict is still out on if it's her best album yet
Because "Speak Now" has some MASSIVE shoes to fill

It's okay, I'll always love you Taylor.
Because even your "worst" album is a best seller.
You're the bomb dot com


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