breaking up is hard to do

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do.
It's hard to separate from someone you love.
It's hard to decide that you won't speak again.
It's hard to see them move on.

But to me the hardest break up of all isn't between you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, etc
It's between you and your friend
And no one ever talks about it like that
But its a breakup too.
And it sucks.

People think "best friends forever" is forever
but honestly friendships are relationships too
Sometimes people change.
Their priorities change.
Their interests change.
and they just change.
Sometimes that means you grow apart.
And if its normal to breakup for these reasons with a significant other
than isn't it normal that all friendships aren't really forever either?

But while there are a ton of songs, ice cream, and movies to help you get over a traditional breakup
There is nothing about getting over the breakup with a friend.
The general idea is to just not speak anymore,
Make sure you look better than them at all times,
Hope that you don't have friends in common to fight over
And God forbid you run into each other at Target.

We all know that Target is the one place you always see people you don't want to see

But this is all a little depressing isn't it?
I don't mean to do that.
On another note: I really do have some amazing friends.
They are there for me when I need them or just when I want ice cream.
And they are more than willing to share some ice cream with me.
And make me feel better about every break up.
And even if one day we break up too
I'm really glad I have them now.

I promise my next post won't be so down!
I blame it on PMS.

Here quick look at this engagement picture

Bye Ya'll 

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