October Wish List

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Despite the flux of Christmas decorations on the shelves lately
(seriously what is going on? Its not even halloween)
It's too early to call this my Christmas list
Just some things I've been wishing for lately

1. Cheetah Print Running shoes
Even though I rarely work out, and run even less than that I've been kind of obsessed with these shoes for the longest time. Just have no idea where to find them...

2. This bracelet
I've been questioning whether or not I would look good in rose gold and I've been really considering this cross bracelet for $8 as a way to test that out. You can get this lovely piece here

3. Love Ring
Doesn't have to be from Tiffany's but this one happens to be. I keep hoping that I will find a cheap option at target or forever 21 but no such luck. And I doubt I'll be getting any new expensive jewelry any time soon. But you can find it here and if you have a cool $3000 you can have it!!

4. Aztec Sweater
This one is from Urban Outfitters. Love it. Love sweaters so much. Just can't make myself pay $69 for it right now. It's definitely Christmas List worthy.

5. LC's Beauty

Here's to wishing that I could actually bottle up and buy some of that beauty. This girl is my idol. But I'd actually just love her new book: Beauty. I own Style and love it so much that I must add her newest book to my collection. Maybe I'll learn a few things! 

6. Lilly Pulitzers Fancy Fest 
FEST not FEAST. I love this print. It also comes in a dress that I need, a tank that I also need, a scarf... need, and a wallet/ cell phone holder that I really really need. Lilly Pulitzer and Cats might be the best combination ever... unless LC was in said shirt found here

7. Tory Burch Flats

I'm going to need them in black, brown, silver, pewter, and gold. 
Throw in red too for some school spirit.
Kind of love those royal blue ones.
Okay I'll have one in every color but orange.

I guess I should probably do my homework so I can graduate and get a job and afford most of the things on my wish list. But procrastinating is so much fun...

Until next time
Bye Ya'll

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