Another post about weddings

Monday, October 08, 2012

I know, another wedding post.
But I did warn you in my last post so...

I attended the wedding of my future nephew and niece
(they're older than us, and THAT is a long story
basically the grooms dad is Robert's step brother)
It was at Carolina Colours in New Bern, NC.
Ceremony was both lovely and short- every attendees dream
The reception space was beautifully decorated.
The food was absolutely amazing. 
My only complaint is that I got in line too late for crab dip : (
By the time I got around to the cake (my favorite part) I was full and DIDN'T finish my cake.
Wedding party foul.

Something else I noticed that I don't know if anyone else did:
There were a TON of weddings this weekend.
Facebook, blog land, etc has been blowing up with different wedding events.

So in the spirit of this wedding weekend I'll post a few of my favorite engagement photos

This one is interesting because Robert just sat down and we were trying to discuss how we should pose/ stand for our other pictures. Its one of the first pictures we took.

You never realize how awkward hands/ arms are until you are taking engagement pictures. 
This one turned out pretty good but some of them... yikes

Of course we had to represent NCSU!

Taken at Robert's grandmother's house. She was so sweet letting us write all over her barn. In fact, she insisted that we leave all the writing so that the other people in the town would see it. Can you tell she lives in a really small town?

At this point Robert was pretty tired of taking pictures but these "dress up" pictures, as we call them, turned out to be some of our favorites! It was really hard not to just upload them all.

For once, my hair cooperated. So proud of it. Glad this moment is documented.

I was also able to meet up with my last few bridesmaids and ask them to be in my wedding and they all said yes - so that's one more thing I can check off my list.
I already picked out dresses because I have an obsession with planning. Check.

Now only a thousand and one things to do between now and then.

So that's it for now. I should be studying for a final I have at 3:30 (its a half semester class).

Or take a nap?

Bye Ya'll

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