Hurricane Sandy

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Well well
I come home to New Bern thinking
"What great weather for more engagement pictures at the beach" then
Hurricane Sandy just pops up and ruins any chance of that
Unless I want my pictures to be death and destruction themed.

Oh my God Becky look at that hurricane.
It's so big...
I can't believe it's so round
It's just out there...

What I meant to say was...
I have terrible luck.
Like every time I think "should I wear my rain boots?"
And decide not to, it rains.
But If I decide to wear them
even with 80% chance of rain
It will become sunny and hot.
Story of my life.

So naturally I decided NOT to bring my rain boots home this weekend
ON TOP of deciding to bring my straightener home
It also rains every time I curl my hair
(I curl my hair with my straightener - my hair is like a stick naturally)
So I think that my bad luck inevitably caused the hurricane to hit NC
Oops. Sorry. 

But seriously, you call this a hurricane?
If you listen to the news its all doom and the end of the world
I still have power.
I was able to go to Target and Starbucks today
and besides the duration I really can't tell a difference between this and a patch of rain.
But apparently I slept through the worst of the wind.
Oh well.

Then to top this hurricane/ lack of engagement pictures off
Of course those Tar HOLES beat my wolfpack.
No "SIX" will go in my status this year.
I so hoped it would.

FIFTH Straight year we creamed UNC - 2011

So what do you do when its pouring rain
Your college team gets beaten
You're a little down
 and you thought you'd be taking more pictures?
Well of course you still plan the wedding
Take your mom to Michaels to buy more supplies
And try to remix to songs that you love
So that you and your fiancee can BOTH have a song they love as a first dance
Let's just say Adele and Red Hot Chili Peppers DO NOT mix very well

Might have found a photographer
Potentially found a preacher- the one who married Robert's mom and step-dad
Figured out what tent/ how many tables and chairs we need
Which is a lot more hard on my budget then I thought
And I have my planner on arrangements of everything.
So much progress being made
I still need a DJ
AND I still feel like my life is in disarray...
I don't even know if I have a home after December
Or if I'm going to grad school.

It's okay, right?
At least I'll have a diploma.
Maybe it's too early to say that too.

Is it Christmas Break Yet?

Other non-wedding related updates from this weekend include:

1) my dad just shaved his head. Turns out that the hair fell out and other hair was growing in and thats why he looked so rough because there were two different lengths. IDK. He looks a MILLION times better now.

2) His birthday is Halloween so I made him enchiladas and lemon pie and the family ate together and played our favorite game (parcheesi) and I won. Of course.

3) I made my brother a mixed tape and he LOVED it. It's really an achievement because I feel like he considers me to only like "preppy" songs when really my musical interest go beyond Taylor Swift and John Mayer.

4) The kittens have a new costume: a tux. I am contemplating getting two so they can come to the wedding. (MOSTLY I'm kidding... mostly).

6) I realized there is less that two months until Christmas. OH MY GOD. This also means there is like a month and some change until I graduate.

7) Treacherous is my favorite song of the day from Taylor Swift's album

8) Can't wait for walking dead tonight

Okay that's it. All I got.
It's dreary outside and I still have to drive back to Raleigh.

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