Oh, How Pinteresting

Thursday, November 01, 2012

You know its been a while since I've done anything Pinterest related
And the only interesting thing that happened to me today was this:

Beautiful flowers from my fiancé
But technically I picked them up and he said "I'll get you those"
And since it is November
I'm a little down about the fact that we are getting closer and closer to winter
I hate winter

So instead of whining
how about some things that are Pinteresting to me...

Buffalo Mac and Cheese
Recipe found here
I actually tried this. I used whole wheat pasta and like half of what it called for.
The taste was delicious but I should have kept the amount of noodles and maybe added less cheese
I would try it again though for sure.

Super in love with this.
Even more in love considering this will be my new monogram once I'm married.

I just love Taylor Swift and these songs
And Jake getting burned.
And Taylor being awesome.

I'm obsessed with any and everything plaid. 
I would love a closet full of plaid.

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Okay, getting back to real life a.k.a. my current marathon of SVU.


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