8 months...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I had the thought that the longer I continue the countdown
The more likely people are to think it's a pregnancy count instead.

But since (hopefully) I don't appear to be 8 months pregnant
Everyone will know that what I mean is
8 months until I'm Mrs. Barker.

Crazy right?

Well I don't have that much to catch up on considering I haven't done much
We have a meeting with the new photographer over thanksgiving break
and if nothing else is done about the preacher Robert wants
We have a meeting with my preacher too.

I bought the other veil I wanted.
It was an extra 50 dollars off so I'm pretty sure it was fate.

Today we planned to cook a nice meal
And we bought Champagne and orange juice for mimosas
But currently he is picking up his cousin Ed from the airport and taking him to Goldsboro
So for now I'm on my own

But that does mean I get to blog without him laughing at me... 

I will probably have to do a 7.5 month post when Ed's wife Billie joins us 
She's my wedding planner and I have a feeling she's going to help A LOT.

So for now I will leave you with these


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