Confessional Friday

Friday, November 16, 2012

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Ohh Friday...
My first confession is for you.
I confess that now that I don't have class Friday
I love thursdays like I loved Fridays
and many Fridays I forget it's Friday at all.
(please forgive me).

I confess that Christmas usually isn't one of my favorite holidays
I can't really explain why...
But this year I am so excited.
I confess I'm probably more excited that the semester will be over.
And probably another part of me is excited that I can finally
start collecting my own Christmas decorations to decorate my own place

I confess that I'm also overly excited about all the peacock decorations this year
even though I know Robert will NEVER allow a peacock tree
I might just have to have a mini one for myself.

I confess that when I made the picture above 
I got really happy because "Lucida Handwriting"
used to be one of my favorite fonts for my away status on AIM.
Ahhh memories...

I confess that I take every opportunity I know Robert will be away
To parade around the apartment in my wedding dress. 

I confess that every time I type up a "Friday Confessions" post
I sing "Confessions" by Usher. 

I confess that I was excited about my Gram Stain on my final for lab wednesday
So excited that I took a picture
Gram Positive right there.

I confess that I stood at the microscope for way too long
trying to get my iPhone to take a picture through the lens.

I confess that the Twilight movie last night was amazing
And that little twist/ change they added for the movie
was the best part
I've never been so glad that they changed something from the book.
Just amazing.
You got me! 

I confess that I am NOT a good scientist
because I am NOT looking forward to going to my research symposium tomorrow
Especially considering my 7 AM alarm.
That should be illegal on a saturday.

That's all folks


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  1. You did a great job at taking the picture! I hope you enjoy your time decorating, it wasn't until I got married that I actually started to enjoy the whole Christmas decor thing. Now this holiday is one of my favorite ones.
    I'm your new gfc follower, you are welcome to visit my little blog :)
    Abi K


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