Thanksgiving "weekend" recap

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving break went by so fast that it felt like a weekend...

Bonded with some cats

Watched the most beautiful sunset

Decorated some trees
Of course Mr. Tommy put underwear on the tree... doesn't every family do that?

Bought a tree with our friends
Walking through the parking lot with a tree is actually more awkward than it sounds


Unloaded the "closet" full of Christmas stuff for Wendy
This isn't even all of the boxes!

A big theme of the "weekend" was drinking.
Wine, more wine, crown, margaritas.
Luckily no one died as a result.

As always, rejoiced when this gem showed up
I call it "Robbie in a box"
and I have a copy that stays in my living room year round
Is he not the cutest kid in the world?

Then of course I found out I got into grad school
Got my toes done with the cousins
Carolina Bagel & Pollock Street Deli trips
Accidental Artist
Ate way too much with way too many people
And Booked a photographer


So maybe I did have more than a "weekend"
But break came and went way faster than I wanted it to.
T- minus 3 weeks and I'm done!!
Until January 6...


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