Everything Happens for a Reason...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am a big proponent of 
"Everything Happens for a Reason"
so much so that I have to tell you a story so you can understand why...

Once Upon a Time...
A girl decided she wanted to be an engineer.
She applied to NCSU and UNCW(for pre engineering)
And got into both.

Once she graduated high school, 
she followed in her father's footsteps
and went to NCSU!
She loved engineering but soon it was time to declare a more specific major so she decided on Chemical Engineering (ChE).

Although she could do the math
and even understood the processes
She found ChE incredibly boring.

She met with an advisor for Biochemistry
And changed her major again in the spring of her sophomore year.
But it wasn't all in vain!
The girl was in a homework group in ChE with another girl 
who ended up being her room mate, one of her best friends
AND her maid of honor!

Because the girl switched her major basically in the middle of her education she had to chose between graduating on time/ hating her life for two years or taking an extra semester and graduating the following December.
She chose to NOT hate her life.

But after searching for jobs the girl got worried that it would be hard to find a job in her major in her home town of New Bern, NC (where her and her fiancé planned to move eventually)
So she emailed her ChE advisor and asked what the possibilities were to finish her ChE degree.
The advisor was nice but directed her to another lady who might help the girl get a minor in something that was similar to engineering but that wouldn't require the girl to stay in school another 3 years for another undergraduate degree. 

The girl made an appointment with this lady who was extremely willing to help but the girl had to cancel the appointment because she wasn't thinking clearly and made an appointment for the day she was supposed to move... 
silly girl.

Well this turned out to be wonderful!
The girl made another appointment with this lady on a different day
She helped the lady set up her tent in the brickyard while they talked.
While they were talking, the girl told the lady of her engineering background
as well as her current major of biochemistry
when out of nowhere a man came up to the girl
and begin questioning her about her intentions after school
Turns out this man was a part of the graduate school
for a masters in Biomanufacturing/MBA

 He convinced the girl to apply
And she took the GRE
applied to grad school
got in!!!
and accepted her acceptance this morning!

Long story short if the girl hadn't wanted to do engineering
she probably would have gone to UNCW since they have a beach...
If she hadn't switched into ChE she wouldn't have the background
that was perfect for her masters degree
and she would have not been able to get the connection between the advisor and the lady she met with who introduced her to the man that told her to apply.
Had she not been over a semester she would have never met any of them.

The only down side is that she might not be able to live with her cats for a few more years
But then the plus side of that is her dad will continue to pay for their living situation until she can afford to!

And if you haven't figured out by now the girl is me.
I strongly believe that everything, even bad things, happen for a reason.
And we may not know that reason for a week, 4 months, or 15 years
but be patient and get through the hard times
because you never know where they will lead you!


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