Confessional Friday

Friday, November 09, 2012

It's already Friday again?
Man, my weeks are flying by

I confess that as the weeks are flying by I am getting so nervous because I am not ready to graduate.

I confess that I own a lot of cat outfits

And by a lot I mean too many.

I confess that it brings me way too much joy buying these outfits for my cats. WAY TOO MUCH I TELL YOU! I may or may not have crossed into crazy cat lady town...

I confess I got a B+ on my biochemistry test that I barely studied for, and mostly because two of the questions were the exact same as the old test. Numbers and all. I should feel bad but I don't. #sorryImnotsorry

I confess that I hate group work because even when everyone is doing their work they still NEVER answer your emails... that you sent tuesday (AHEM).

I confess seeing the beach thursday made me seriously wonder if it's possible to hibernate through the winter, except then I'd miss Christmas and my birthday and my anniversary. 

I confess that I actually enjoyed the little league baseball game I went to tonight. Maybe it was because I have a soft spot for little blonde haired boys and the team was full of them or maybe I just love baseball. Anyways, they were way better than I thought they'd be! I confess I was impressed.

I confess that I am skipping ANOTHER home NCSU game. And I confess that in my last confessional I got the team we played WRONG. That's how bad of a college student I am.

I confess that it's 10:30 on a Friday and I'm in my PJs and Robert and I are eating pickled okra. Don't ask me how I got this wild. Maybe one day I'll calm down.

I confess that there is a part of me that is excited to move home for good. But I keep telling myself its because this semester is so tough. And I miss my kittens. 

I confess that I am getting into the Christmas spirit already. I bought Christmas placemats and a new outfit for Mortimor. He was also overjoyed to celebrate Christmas. 

Ho Ho Ho

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