Happy Monday

Monday, November 05, 2012

Happy Monday!
But no really, it's a pretty good monday
And here's why:

  • My dad went to Duke today for his another cancer scan and it came back clean. Also his headaches that his doctors said was "either a brain tumor or sinus problems" (Sometimes I wonder why doctors even bother speaking when they say these things) ...it turned out to be sinus problems. Yay.

  • Today is Robert and I's 68th month-iversary. We are celebrating with him studying for a test and we are both currently watching Madagascar - the circus one. Is this 3 or 4? I dont know. Robert's wearing sweatpants. So you know the romance is intense. Ha.

  • I only had research today for an hour and a half. Not that my research isn't interesting but now this means I get to take a nap. Daylight savings or not, I'm still tired.

  • The Peppermint Mocha is back at Starbucks and I am currently sipping on one.

  • I have no tests this week at all. I do have a quiz... but who cares.

This weekend was fairly uneventful
Lots of shopping and dinner with my dad later
We met up with the New Bern family again to watch Walking Dead
And OMG. Not what I expected.

We made a joke about when T-Dog was going to die
Because in any TV show with predominately white people 
the black guy never lives this long- we are on season 3 for goodness sakes

And we also considered taking bets on when Lori would die
She is so whiney
I mean seriously, every major problem that has happened to the group has been because of her

We were not expecting for the questions to be answered so soon
And none of us girls expected to be tearing up in a show about Zombies.
And by tearing up I mean bawling...
I need to get a life.

That's all I got.
Happy Monday


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