Veterans Day

Sunday, November 11, 2012

You won't hear me say my full blown opinions much
Because I don't see a need to paint facebook with my political rants
And I don't have that many because I can usually see both sides
But in the case of our military I don't.

You can say whatever you want about the budget
Wether or not you think we should be at war
And how the traffic around bases suck
Don't ever for a second take that out on our soldiers. 

Too often I hear people who don't support our troops.
Those people are risking their lives for you.
Their families are missing their fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and loved ones
So that this great country can remain safe.
They are living in fear
Being attacked, even by children.
They don't get that lovely red cup from starbucks at christmas
Many of them miss Christmas all together
And birthdays and holidays and first steps and births

So the next time you think about how much you hate that we are still over seas
Remember to thank the people who are giving up their families and comforts
So that you are safe and sound.

Like these two men:

This is my grandfather Adams, my mom's dad. He was in the Navy! Stationed in Hawaii!
He married my grandmother in California during training before he was deployed.
That cutie next to him is my cousin Jaime. 

This is my grandfather Wetherington.
He spent his first anniversary with my grandma on a rock in Casablanca. 
He missed the first two years of my Aunt's life from being deployed.


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