Black Friday Confessional

Friday, November 23, 2012

So I confess that even without a link up
I am writing a confessional Friday post
Because I love them...

I confess
I have never participated in the crazy black friday 2 AM target nonsense
There is no amount of savings that could make it worth braving those crowds
And plus, Starbucks isn't open... how would I survive?

FURTHERMORE I think that Black Friday/ Christmas festivities
shouldn't be allowed to encroach on Thanksgiving
(already ranted about that yesterday)

I confess...
That I drank so much wine
and more wine and then some crown royal
the night before thanksgiving with Robert and his cousins
That I almost couldn't say that "I've only been sick from drinking once"
And that was only by the grace of God himself.
Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

I confess...
that I am overwhelmingly in love with taking engagement photos.
So much so that I decided to have a picture sign in book
So I can continue to take pictures FOR EVER...
or at least until next June-ish

I confess...
That I got my fiancé drunk so that he would be more agreeable this time
It worked. And some of his toasty photos turned out to be my favorites
Case in point:

I confess
That even though I am super sick of school
I am very very very much considering going to grad school
(especially since I got my acceptance)
and I found an apartment in my favorite neighborhood
and we can afford it
and I am IN LOVE with it 
Fingers crossed my better half agrees
they allow cats, that's all you need to know right?

I confess
That speaking of cats, I am starting to feel like a traitor
Because Robert wants an English Bulldog pretty bad
And this sweet face that I found on Pinterest is growing on me

Please don't tell my kittens.


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