Confessional Saturday

Saturday, November 03, 2012

This is my version of Confessional Friday
It's on saturday
because I confess I spent Friday shopping
And I forgot yesterday was Friday

Which brings me to my first confession
I went to Target, Marshalls, Target again
The Crabtree Mall, Mebane Outlets, and Southpoint mall
and I found absolutely nothing
Until at 9:30 tonight I went BACK to target...
I got 2 shirts, one chunky sweater, one pair of pants, and some lipstick
As well as some awesome place mats for christmas,
some Barefoot Bubbly for our upcoming "8 months to go",
and a Christmas present for my mother in law to be

This is my sweater that you can find HERE
And I confess that I really want the "pink" one that is basically light mauve.

I confess that today I went to my LAST homecoming football game ever
Or at least as an undergraduate student
Scanned my ticket 45 minutes early
Then turned around and walked out.
How shameful is that? 
I have terrible school spirit today
You see what happened was... none of our friends were in town tailgating
And thank God I left because we suffered an embarrassing loss to Virginia Tech.
I heard one of the players say "dude I'm still drunk"
and the other one say "me too"
and judging by what I saw today I wouldn't be surprised if they all were
I kind of hope that's their excuse.

I confess that in my 3 test marathon in a period of a week
My brain lost it's will to live
And I took my dad's car keys to Raleigh with me
Luckily he's getting them back tomorrow when he comes to visit
He has a scan tomorrow at Duke
And I hope that I can say he's still cancer free when it's over

I confess that on my final test of the week
I may or may not have had an old test to study from
And a few of the questions may or may not have been the exact same
Now if you're too lazy to change your questions
then you can't be mad that students use their resources.
And if you are giving your students a test the day after Halloween
You should not be allowed to teach

I confess that Taylor Swift is the reason I really wanted to wear lipstick

I confess that I miss my cats way more than I should

I confess that I may or may not use Pinterest outfits as my inspiration on what to buy

Case in point: I bought purple pants AND a white sweater today
I already have cheetah print shoes
How lame am I?

I confess that at this moment I am also watching Eurotrip on TBS
And I know the lyrics to "Scotty Doesn't Know"


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